Are you in love with rustic furniture but unsure how to make the look work in your home?

Rustic chic: it's not quaint farmhouse and it's not super modern loft apartment but a clever blend of rustic warmth and charm with chic-style elegance and simplicity. The two together bring in a whole new look and feel.

We've gathered 5 of our favourite modern rustic style design tips to help you achieve the look.

1. Hang an old fashioned chandelier against natural wood in the bedroom.

Bedroon pallet wood wall and chandelier

Image credit: @zebra-interiors instagram

A chandelier in the bedroom is an unexpected luxurious item when paired with rustic furniture while a little old fashioned the opulence and delicate nature work well together with rustic wood.

Pick your rustic furniture in natural wood; take a look at our Saw Cut Chest of Drawers for example, a practical drawer unit in tactile saw cut wood that will bring rustic warmth to the room. Make a weathered wood statement either by cladding an entire wall or making a bespoke headboard, pallet wood is a great and inexpensive choice. 

Keep accessories minimal and in natural materials and textures, bedding and other fabrics (window dressings, cushions etc) work well if kept natural either in classic white or in the current trend of pale pastels. Both look beautiful against bleached wood.

2. Surround your rustic dining table with modern chairs.

Rustic dining table with upholstered chairs

Image credit: Harpers Bazaar

Give your gorgeous weathered, reclaimed, inherited or stained wood farmhouse table a style update and new lease of life with your choice of dining chairs.

For an industrial feel why not try wire or metal chairs or for something more unusual and modern, try the Phillip Stark ghost chair or give lux velvet upholstered chairs a go.

Add in a boho vintage or natural jute rug to give the space texture and warmth. Fresh flowers in a white milk pitcher are also a nice colourful touch. Again white is a staple for accessories and china and makes for a classic combo with the wood.

As a finishing touch, a simple but oversized vintage metal sign on the wall can bring it all together and add character.

3. Go slate grey on wood floors and bold on accent walls.

Stained grey wood floor

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Add an urban twist by going with slate grey stained wood floors in the living room (or there are some great laminates if you're on a budget). This cools the look down but perfectly complements other warm rustic elements such as a reclaimed wood coffee table.

Dark bold colours on an accent wall can really make rustic wood furniture pop, take a look at our Rustic Sawcut Sideboard.

4. Add wooden crates and other rustic accents to your minimalist canvas.

Another fun way to go is to start with your minimalist design basics (neutral tones, modern industrial look furniture) and then add the warm rustic elements on top.

We love storage baskets in natural materials such as jute and plants in textured vintage terracotta or galvanised metal planters

An easy way to add reclaimed wood is with a storage crate. Ideal for your rustic look and functional too. Ideal for books and magazines, blankets and throws or even the kid's toys.

5. Experiment with the unexpected.

Rustic with modern minimalist

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The mix and match of the rustic aesthetic with modern minimalist design begs to be fun so let your imagination run free.

Throw down a fluffy sheepskin rug next to your reclaimed wood bed and let the lines between the styles blur. Put up a hanging retro bubble chair in your living room over a jute rug. Use rustic reclaimed wood or scaffold boards to make shelves in a modern bathroom. A rustic stool beside a modular sofa or vintage farmhouse stools at a sleek kitchen breakfast bar! Just have a play around until you get a look right for you.

April 12, 2022 — Vincent and Barn