This collection redefines furniture, infusing your living space with a raw, urban vibe.

Check out the industrial rebar coffee table that's not just functional, but a conversation starter. Crafted from sturdy rebar and saw cut solid wood, it's both a surface for your brew and a testament to the rugged beauty of city landscapes.

This collection also includes an industrial nest of tables. These versatile pieces don't just save space, they look very cool, offering an edgy yet practical addition to your room.

The industrial sideboard with crates in this collection is more than just storage, it's a statement piece that will create a wow from your visitors when they walk in the room . It elegantly combines robustness and craftsmanship, adding a touch of urban narrative to your home.

You will find plenty more pieces in this collection including an industrial desk, shelf unit with crate and a rustic round coffee table. These industrial style furniture pieces have all been designed by us right here in the UK, you won't find them anywhere else.