Who is Vincent? Who is Barn?......It all started with the name.

We are Kirsty and Stuart and in order of priority we are dog lovers, interiors fanatics, magazine addicts, oh and we live together to!
In 2003 our life revolved around work, travel and our dogs. Vincent, a soppy and loyal as you could find golden retriever and Barny, a skinny stick obsessed black labrador.

We always dreamt of one day running our own business but back in 2003 we had no idea what it would be but we always thought that Vincent and Barn as a brand sounded pretty cool so we registered the name.

It took a while but in 2013 we finally did it, www.vincentandbarn.co.uk was born.We have always loved interior design, renovating houses and searching for unusual furniture. As the industrial furniture style started to show signs of a trend we decided to go for it and pull together a range. We wanted to focus on making this style available, affordable and something that in 20 years time may be out of fashion but still being used in an old shed or garage to store, well, all that stuff you put in the garage or shed. We always believed the focus of our range should be based around storage, a problem we have encountered many times as home owners.

When selecting products for our range we have one rule, did we love it and more importantly would we have it in our home.

Vincent and Barn are sadly no longer with us but our passion for dogs lives on.
Quincy comes to work with us every day, his title is head of chewing cardboard and barking at couriers but mostly he just sleeps.

Our products are handmade and as with most things handmade each one is unique. Sizes can vary a little to those stated. Our metal and iron is designed to look aged and enhance irregularities, welds are often exposed. Our wood in most cases is reclaimed or repurposed, natural cracks and knot holes are sometimes filled for practicality or left to provide character.

It's the little things like this that make the industrial, reclaimed and rustic style so individual and it will only look better with age. 

We hope you enjoy visiting www.vincentandbarn.co.uk