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Do you love to host dinner parties and have a collection of fancy china to set the scene and the table? Are you a whiz in the kitchen and have every cooking gadget to prove it? Or do you need a kitchen dinner to provide for the needs of family life, from games night to Sunday roasts? Whatever your lifestyle, storage is always your friend.

From glass display cabinets to roomy sideboards, We have kitchen and dining storage solutions for all.

Fluted glass can show off your favourite dinner service while retaining a sense of order, but if you prefer a curated display of treasured possessions, then plain glass cupboard doors will work better. We have display cabinets that have both. Our industrial metal sideboards have a winning combination of drawers for cutlery and cupboards that look like drawers for appliances. For lots of us, the kitchen diner is the heart of the home, for homework to family meals, and a beautiful rustic sideboard can house all the chaos of family life.

At Vincent and Barn, we expect our furniture to work hard and look amazing, including shelves with added hooks, quirky removable crates and cupboards with handy rails. Remember, if you choose the right storage, it will do the work for you.