By your side when you first open your eyes in the morning and last thing you see at night, as a place for that essential rousing cup of coffee or where you find your current gripping read, bedside tables are a bedroom essential.

Whether you like your bedside table simple and in the background or you can't resist a styling opportunity, there is a side table for you. Here are a few of our favourite types and their benefits.

Wall Mounted

If space is of the essence in your bedroom then you can’t go wrong with a compact wall mounted bedside table. Freeing up floor space with a floating side table gives the illusion of a larger room while still providing a place to put your morning cuppa or bedtime read.

A simple short shelf can be used as a bedside table but if you have the space a box style works even better, providing two shelves and therefore more usable space and more storage. Our Mesh Wall Mounted Bedside Table is a great example of this as the mesh sides make it lighter in appearance.


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If you like your bedroom to be a haven of peace and your style is on the pared back and uncluttered side, then a simple rustic stool is for you. From chunky wood to distressed metal, there is a stool for everyone.

Another beautiful feature of the humble stool is it is multifunctional and doesn't need to be confined to the bedroom. Visitor in need of a spare seat? No problem. Need a spot for your G&T in the garden? No problem. A stool is easily moveable and looks at home wherever you put it.

Freestanding with cupboard

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If you need your bedside table to work hard and store more, a freestanding side table with a cupboard is for you. With plenty of space to hide away your bedtime essentials, such as eye mask, latest blockbuster, slippers and PJs, a side table with a cupboard can bring organisation and a sense of calm to the bedroom.

Now is the time to express your inner quirk with a vintage industrial style cupboard or bring the boho vibe with rattan door fronts. Whatever your style, there is a bedside cupboard to suit.

Freestanding with display space

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For most, the bedroom is a private space and rarely on show to visitors but creating a display space with your bedside table can still bring joy, if only to you. Whether heading to bed in the evening or chilling out with a weekend lie in, a shelf with a pile of inviting art books, environment enhancing house plants and candles, mementoes or family photos, can all bring a smile to your face.

If this idea appeals to you, don't stop at one shelf, a leaning ladder style bedside table can give you lots of storage and display space, without cluttering the room.

May 23, 2022 — Vincent and Barn