1. Turn a blank wall into a work of art

Muuto Dots

Image Credit: Muuto

An unadorned wall is a perfect opportunity to express your creative side whilst adding that elusive home essential of storage.

Maybe you have a skinny wall that is not big enough for a piece of furniture, a wall in the hall that needs some attention or you have high ceilings giving you wall space that isn't being fully utilised. If so then hooks could be the answer.

Why spend all weekend decorating, when in a matter of minutes a wall can be transformed with the addition of a set of hooks and with so many styles available there is something for everyone.

The Muuto dots are contemporary coat hooks that will bring a fresh and modern feel to any entrance hall, the more the better, of different sizes and hung in ordered symmetry or free and flowing. They will provide a place to hang coats and bags and look like an on-trend art instalment at the same time.

Iron Man Hooks - Set of 3

Our quirky Iron man hooks will raise a smile for you and your guests when hanging up jackets or passing them in the hall. Add real or faux trailing foliage to give them an adventure vibe or add simple black accessories and artwork to the black coat hooks for a cool monochrome look.

2. Reuse and repurpose

Railway Hooks - Set of 4

If you like to turn your hand to a bit of DIY then hooks are the perfect place to start, especially if you like to do your bit for the environment by using reclaimed materials and items you already have around the home.

Wrench Hook Set

Image credit: Etsy

Repurpose old door handles, fashion hooks out cutlery or try using copper fittings, vintage ironmongery and industrial hooks. You will be amazed by how many things there are that can make rustic coat hooks when you get creative.

Take some old pallet wood or driftwood and add a set of cast iron coat hooks and you have a rustic storage solution to use anywhere in the home or garden.

3. Peg rail perfection

Peg rails are not just for period properties, they are perfect for anywhere there is a need for organisation and storage. Their classic pared-back style can suit any interior style and the uses are almost endless.


Image credit: Granit.com on Pinterest 

One of Vincent and Barn’s favourite sights to behold is a beautifully organised utility room where peg rails come into their own, hung with traditional cleaning equipment like metal dustpans and brushes, carpet beaters and scrubbing brushes. A panelled boot room is ideal when paired with a peg rail full of anoraks and in the bedroom, a favourite vintage dress or chunky piece of jewellery will look like art when hung from a peg rail. If you don't want to see clutter then hang pretty baskets and bags on the pegs and store the things you would rather not see inside. This can work particularly well in a nursery or children's room.

A higher peg rail can be used to hang photos, paintings and prints from, keeping decorative touches flexible and easily changed or updated with no damage to walls.

4. Quirky and practical bathroom storage

When space is limited and in the bathroom it typically is, then utility hooks come into their own. We love a quirky or water-themed animal hook like our iron nail hooks and cast metal whale tail hooks but there are hooks to suit all styles.

Flamingo Coat Hooks - Set of 3

To encourage even the laziest family member to pick up their towel, give each one their own individual hook or keep loofahs in reach of the shower, bath products handy by the tub and spare toilet roll in grabbing distance of the toilet by utilising hooks with soft woven storage baskets.

Hooks on Shutters

Image credit: Satori Design for Living - Pinterest

The classic hook on the back of the door is not to be underestimated either as it is the perfect place to hang bathrobes or clothes that will benefit from steaming while you shower and corner hooks are brilliant for using every last inch of space.

You can find the range of hooks we offer at Vincent and Barn by clicking here.


At Vincent and Barn we believe it is very important to use the correct wall fixings for the type of wall your hooks will hang on, from stud walls to brick and tile to plasterboard, all will require different fixings and for that reason, we do not include fixings with the hooks we sell. We recommend that if you are unsure, you seek professional advice.

If you still need inspiration or proof of how the humble hook can be a storage superstar then check out our Pinterest board “off the hook”.

February 23, 2022 — Vincent and Barn