The sun is finally showing its face and with the clocks going forward the days are getting longer which means more time to enjoy your outside space. Feeling inspired, today on the blog we are looking at ideas big and small to bring a touch of the industrial to your outside space. Whether it is in the hard landscaping of a large garden or small touches for balconies and courtyards anyone can introduce this style to their home. Here are 6 of our favourite industrial ideas/looks.

1. Industrial Planters

Let's start small! Whatever size your outside space is there is always room for a pot. Think metal! rusty cor-ten, steel, zinc, repurposed oil barrels and water tanks, galvanised troughs. Lush greenery and delicate flowers really pop against raw harsh metal.

Oil Barrel Planters

There are great examples of metal planters online and in garden centres. It is also a good idea to consider bespoke made to fit a particular space. We also recommend a visit to your local reclamation yard for inspiration in repurposing and reusing. When it comes to planting, the simplicity of the pots and their natural colours mean a combination of architectural plants and grasses would work really well with bright seasonal flowers.

Corten Planter with Grass

2. Vertical Gardening

Don't forget your walls and fencing. Industrial materials really lend themselves to this type of gardening. It is super easy to clad a fence or wall with rusty re-bar for climbers to grow up or we really love this idea for hanging pots.

Rebar Plant Holder

Chains can make a stunning pergola that will last and think outside the box when it comes to hanging baskets and re-purpose vintage tins and wire baskets. What you can grow vertically is pretty much without limits. A wall of herbs for the avid cook, strawberries in a hanging basket for a taste of summer, beautiful climbers that provide colour and scent or just a fence covered in ivy providing greenery and a habitat for birds and insects.

Rebar Wall

3. Raised Beds and Tiered Gardens

Instead of the usual rustic wooden sleepers often used to step a garden or build raised beds why not try cor-ten steel. The more the metal rusts the more beautiful the colour is and the more it complements lawns and planting. Concrete is also great for a cool minimalist/brutalist look, allowing the plants to take centre stage.

Stepped Cor-ten garden

4. Outdoor Living and Dining

When it comes to furniture for outside spaces the industrial look is a perfect match. Vintage pieces in hardwearing materials with distressed finishes will be practical, low maintenance and only look better with age. Large dining tables for family gatherings can be made from reclaimed scaffold boards and repurposed or bespoke metal legs.

Industrial Garden Table

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A balcony would suit vintage cast iron bistro tables and chairs and if they are starting to rust, all the better. Even a simple bench made from concrete blocks and wooden boards will look beautiful surrounded with lush planting and provide the perfect perch for a cuppa.

5. Lighting

A well thought out lighting plan is essential if you want to enjoy your outside space on a warm evening. This can mean a system of uplighters that makes the most of your planting and garden features, a string of lights in a tree or across a courtyard or simply candles adding atmosphere to your dining area.

Garden Lighting

At Vincent and Barn headquarters we have just installed rusty metal bulkhead lights to provide a well-lit pathway and entrance. If candles are your thing then let your imagination run wild ( budget allowing) and source vintage hurricane lamps and wall sconces for that romantic feel to alfresco dining.

Rustix Foundry Bulkhead Light

6. Just a Touch

If these ideas are a bit too much or seem like hard work it is easy to add just a touch of the industrial to any area of the home and garden with a just a few metal planters on a balcony, patio or in the hall with a welcoming plant or 3.

Galvanised Fluted Planters - Set of 3

We would love to hear how you have added an industrial touch to your outdoor space, why not post a picture on Instagram and mention us @vincentandbarn. Also, check out our Industrial Garden Pinterest board.

If you have any other cool industrial garden ideas please comment.

April 03, 2019 — Vincent and Barn