Although industrial-inspired interiors don’t necessarily conjure up thoughts of a tranquil, cosy bedroom, there are certain design elements that you can add to your space to make sure it harmonises with your style and the rest of the house, while still retaining comfort.

Mixing Textures

Texture is key to the industrial trend, especially mixing contrasting finishes. In spaces where relaxation is paramount, combine fabrics such as linen bedding with a faux fur throw over the edge of the bed, or a woven vintage rug over exposed floorboards. Smaller details like a metal basket with a waffle blanket rolled inside, for example, offers a juxtaposition of textures without breaking the bank.

Open Shelving

Industrial Inspired Bedroom Shelving

Wooden shelving with iron hardware is a signature industrial design element, and open shelving as demonstrated in the bedroom above shows the warmth that natural texture can add to a space. Using accessories such as leather-bound books, wooden trays and bowls, greenery, black and white photography, and sporting memorabilia adds a masculine touch to the room and provides the perfect platform to display treasured items.

Muted colour palette

Industrial Inspired Bedroom Muted Colour Palette

When it comes to using an industrial inspired colour palette, the bedroom is probably one of the best rooms you can incorporate this into. Dark, muted tones work incredibly well in the bedroom as they can add a calmness to the space, as well making it feel cocoon-like – getting you into the frame of mind to be nestled into your duvet once the sun goes down. If your room is on the small side, stick to a lighter grey with darker accessories and soft furnishings and keep the ceiling white to make the room appear larger.

Quirky furniture

Industrial Inspired Bedroom Quirky Furniture

There are a number of spaces in your bedroom where statement furniture would sit well. An industrial locker to store clothes away in, or perhaps a vintage industrial desk with a chair to create a dressing table. Furniture with a dual use is always a great option for city dwellers with limited space, so consider pieces like wooden stools as bedside tables, or wall storage to saves floor space.


Industrial Inspired Bedroom Lighting

Finally, a small but essential element to any industrial-inspired home – the choice of lighting. If you’re able to, adding sconces to the wall enables you to free up space at the side of the bed, while an oversized central pendant light adds a wow factor. Don’t forget smaller details like fixtures, and switch fittings, which can make all the difference when looking at the room as a whole.

How do you incorporate industrial décor into your bedroom? Are you as inspired to redecorate as we are?

April 29, 2019 — Vincent and Barn