Although here at Vincent and Barn we’re advocates of not judging a book by its cover, we do have to admit, however, how partial we are to a stylish coffee table book. Whether it’s filling our shelves or using them to create vignettes around the home (tip: use books to add height to your coffee table vignette), buying new books has become one of our favourite pastimes.

Today we wanted to share five highlights from our vast book collection, ideal for the lover of industrial interior design – whether that’s yourself or you’re in search of the perfect gift.

Warehouse Home | Publishing House: Thames & Hudson

Warehouse Home

The debut book from one of your favourite websites, Warehouse Home takes a trip around the globe to former industrial buildings that have been renovated for residential use. With every turn of the page, you’re met with inspiring design, from contemporary spaces to more traditional incorporation of the buildings character. The beauty of Warehouse Home is that, not only does it take us behind the scenes of the most amazing locations throughout its 320 pages, but it also shows you how to create a similar look within your own home. You can purchase Warehouse Home here.

Urban Pioneer | Author: Sarah Emslie

Urban Pioneer

Urban Pioneer is more than just a stylish front cover, as it delves into how transforming industrial buildings into residential spaces first emerged in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. Urban pioneers, as they have been dubbed, would turn their hand to disused buildings to create somewhere to live and work in return for cheap rent. The book goes on to discuss the second generation of urban pioneers, who are now cleverly creating lofts, warehouses, schools, and retail spaces into homes filled to the brim with character. You can purchase Urban Pioneer here.

Vintage Industrial: Living With Design Icons | Author: Misha de Potestad & Patrice Pascal

Vintage Industrial: Living with Design Icons 

Dissecting everything from lighting, seating, tables, storage and design curiosities, Vintage Industrial investigates and celebrates the period between 1900 and 1950 and the engineers of that time. By discovering new ways to work with iron and steel, craftsmen such as Jean Prouve and George Carwardine changed the way we think about our built environment today. Not only is this book an informative guide for hardcore lovers of industrial interior design, but it provides many a source of inspiration for living with industrial design in the modern age. You can purchase Vintage Industrial: Living With Design Icons here.


Modern Rustic | Author: Emily Henson

Modern Rustic 

Modern Rustic is just one of many fantastic reads from interior stylist, Emily Henson. Known for her great attention to detail, this book is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is complemented by a relatable yet informative style of writing, thanks to Joanna Simmons. Sharing the elements of a “modern rustic” look in the home, the book touches on everything from the base of the building to the soft furnishings and decorative touches – all split into six stylish sections; Pure Rustic, Bohemian Rustic, Pop Rustic, Retro Rustic, Details, and Living Spaces. You can purchase Modern Rustic here.


Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White | Author: Hilary Robertson

Monochrome Home 

Although not necessarily a book dedicated solely to industrial interior design, Monochrome Home does applaud the elegant simplicity of a muted colour palette. Not only does interior stylist and author, Hilary Robertson, delve into the many monochrome schemes, from black and white, grey matters, shades of pale and so much more, she also takes a look inside 13 of the most inspiring monochrome homes across the globe, from London to Sweden to New York. If you’ve ever considered a black and white colour scheme but needed guidance for how amazing it can look, this is the coffee table book for you. You can purchase Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White here.

Do you have any design books that are on your must-read list right now?
March 12, 2019 — Vincent and Barn