When our stock has been loaded on a ship or truck and is heading to the UK, and ultimately our warehouse, we can estimate a date of arrival.

We can take PRE-ORDERS for these items. On each product page you will find the date when we expect to be able to deliver from.

We make every effort to provide as accurate information as possible, however, until the stock arrives at our warehouse all timescales are estimated as there are several stages that can still cause delays. We will of course keep you updated to any changes as they happen.

As you might be aware there are a lot of problems in the Red Sea at the moment and this is having an effect on sea freight. Any dates we display are with the best intentions and factor in any additional journey time we have been made aware of but please be aware things can change very quickly and last minute which cause delays. 

If at any point we feel the delivery dates are slipping we will notify you and as always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.