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To create a zen-like spa experience in your own bathroom it is essential to have the right piece of furniture to complete the look and provide the storage required for all the toiletries, beauty treatments, bath products, towels and toilet paper everybody has these days.

Bathroom furniture no longer has to be boring and clinical. We have wall-mounted glass bathroom cabinets and apothecary drawer units that pack a punch when it comes to storage and help achieve a clean and calm environment but still bring the style.

We have introduced galvanised metal, mesh and fluted glass into our designs for a more unique look that ranges from industrial to rustic, modern to period.

Industrial glass cabinets both petit wall-mounted or large freestanding will look striking and give a wow in a modern bathroom. A Tripod cast metal side table beside the bath will create an air of elegance and decadence and an industrial drawer unit will give you tons of storage with an edge for something a little bit different.