Mesh detailing screams sturdy, practical, and functional, but can also look incredibly chic when styled properly. We’re not talking chicken coop’s here.

And this trend doesn’t just work within industrial inspired interiors. Traditionally, wire chicken caging was synonymous with more country style homes, but mesh can work in a plethora of spaces, such as bohemian, rustic farmhouse and eclectic interiors.

Within industrial furniture, we’ve seen wire mesh used in a variety of innovative ways. Our mesh wall mounted bedside table, for example, combines not only this cool material, but saves on floor space - something that city dwellers and people with less-than-palatial-pads crave.
This industrial style piece of furniture is not just confined to the bedroom, it would also make a smart storage idea for a hallway. If you’re looking for the perfect place to rest your keys, this might just be the solution.

Style tip! If you are considering darker, more industrial inspired pieces like this, try a lighter backdrop to really make it pop. 

Industrial Mesh Wall Cabinet

The use of mesh in the kitchen keeps the space feeling light and gives the impression of open shelving, as spotted in our industrial mesh wall cabinet. A mesh cabinet is an easy addition if you want to add just a touch of the industrial style.

Our wall cabinet would also make a statement storage solution in the bathroom.

Adding this to a more bohemian bathroom? Style tip! Why not accessorise with a gold planter on top with a string of bead plant hanging over the edge.

In the hallway mesh is not only stylish but functional. A small rustic industrial sideboard can make a great shoe storage unit. You can use the lower section for a place to sling your daily footwear.

If you’re looking to add a chic industrial look to your home and use a less conventional design detail, metal mesh definitely needs to be added to your must-buy décor list.

What do you think? Is mesh something you’d incorporate into your own home?
September 03, 2019 — Vincent and Barn