Did you know that properties in the UK with an industrial design style are likely to sell for £67,919 more than the average house price? Findings also show that Brummies are particular fans of industrial design.

But you don't need to call Birmingham home or be in the housing market to appreciate industrial design.

With its roots in the industrial revolution, industrial design is as much a part of Britain's history as chintz and china.

If you're looking to channel industrial design in your space, one of the best places to start is with an industrial cabinet.

Large furniture pieces like cabinets and sideboards can anchor your design and set the tone. But, sourcing a truly authentic industrial cabinet can be a tough hunt.

Amidst the sea of laminated flatpack furniture, you may be feeling hard-pressed to find a cabinet that's oozing an industrial essence.

And when you do find something that fits the bill, you might still be struck with indecision. Will it fit in with your vision and your space? Large furniture items are an investment and you want to make sure you're not wasting money on a piece that's not quite right.

Skip any angst, and keep reading to find out how to pick out the right industrial cabinet like a decorating pro.

Look for the Right Materials

The first thing to do when shopping around for industrial storage cabinets is to keep your eyes peeled for the right materials.

Iron, aged brass, steel, black-painted metal, vintage-style glass, and raw, rustic-looking wood are all quintessential materials in industrial design.

Besides vetting for these materials, also make sure to avoid any faux imitations. Nothing looks cheaper and less authentic than an "industrial" piece that's made from imitation wood and cheap metal.

The whole ethos behind industrial design is incorporating hardworking, utilitarian pieces and letting their simple strength and authenticity take centre stage.

If you fall for a faux piece, we can guarantee you it won't hold up to close scrutiny or fit the part in an industrial-themed space.

Decide Whether You Want to Go Light, Dark, Hard, or Soft

While we're on the topic of materials, think about whether you want a light or dark piece.

People often assume that industrial cabinets have to be steel, and usually black at that. This is not the case.

Dark metal steel cabinets are definitely an industrial design staple, but they aren't the only option.

You can also go for something with a steel frame and lots of rustic, raw wood. This can add a lighter-coloured element to your space. Wood can also inject extra warmth and texture, something that might be lacking if you have too many steel pieces.

For instance, let's say you're shopping for an industrial storage cabinet for your lounge. Your couches are black leather, and you have a steel coffee table. You also have a grey steel and glass vintage sideboard.

Everything is very cohesive. But, you feel like your space needs some extra warmth and dimension. In this case, an industrial-style bookcase and cabinet could keep your colour palette from feeling too monochromatic, and incorporate some warmth through the wood.

Consider Your Existing Pieces

Another top tip to keep in mind before you spend your hard-earned pounds is to consider the furniture pieces you already have.

As we illustrated above, you shouldn't just buy what looks good in the shop, but rather what will look good in your house.

Evaluate the room and take note of any elements you feel it might be lacking. Maybe the room is looking cohesive and decidedly industrial already, but it's also feeling a little stale and flat?

If everything's blending together too much, and nothing jumps out to excite your eye, maybe you need to add something slightly elegant and unexpected.

A piece like this industrial fluted glass display cabinet will add a "wet" element and a very mild touch of industrial glamour.

Think About Your Specific Take on Industrial Design

We'd also recommend thinking about your specific take on industrial design. Do you like industrial spaces with a modern twist? Or are you more drawn to the vintage elements of industrial design, the kind of things that make you feel like you're a character in an Agatha Christie book?

Or maybe, you're most attracted to the really rustic elements of industrial design, pieces that look like they've come straight out of a factory from the 40s?

If so, look for something that's raw and rugged, such as this industrial mesh cabinet. Not only does it ooze industrial connotations, but it's also ideal for displaying a few everyday objects.

The mesh softens the look, and while still giving you a glimpse of what's inside.

Do Some Space Planning

One of the most important things to do before you buy any piece of furniture is to measure the area you want it to stand and do some space planning.

Measure the place in your house where you want your new cabinet to stand. This will give you an idea of how much space you have to fill.

Once you start looking at industrial cabinets, jot down their dimensions. Will they fit into the area?

If you're not certain how they'll look and feel in the room, you can also mark out the dimensions of specific pieces with masking tape. This will give you an idea of how they'll impact the flow of the room, and how much space there'll be between them and other pieces.

Decide What You Want to Store in Your Industrial Cabinet

The next step in picking the perfect industrial-style cabinet is to give some thought to what you want to store in it.

Are you going to be using it as a display area? Or do you have a mare's nest of clutter that needs a home?

If you want a cabinet for mostly decorative and styling purposes, we'd go with something that either has open shelving, or glass-fronted doors, such as this grey steel industrial cabinet picked out with brass handles.

Of course, you can also use a piece like this to house functional odds and ends, such as glasses, a few plates, jugs, dried goods, or even a curated selection of wine.

But, if the things you want to stow away aren't very attractive, such as electronics, gaudy games and toys, bog standard stationery, etc. we'd recommend going with a cabinet that has concealed storage.

If you just have a few ugly things to get out of sight, and still want some space for displaying books and ornaments, you could opt for something along the lines of this industrial bookcase with drawers and a cupboard on the bottom.

The drawers will give you an opportunity to organize smaller bits and pieces. You can stow away bigger stuff at the bottom, and still have four generous shelves for displaying books, plants, and ornaments.

Will Your Cabinet Have a Designated Purpose?

Besides any general needs, do you have a specific job you want your new cabinet to do?

For instance, maybe you want to use a cabinet to create a mini bar moment. If so, we have the perfect piece. This industrial drinks cabinet offers plenty of room to house a decent collection of wine and spirits while giving you a surface to display cocktail recipe books and mix a couple of G&Ts.

Free up Floor Space With Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Is floor space at a high premium in your abode? Not all of us have acres of floor area to work with, but this doesn't mean you can't incorporate an industrial cabinet into your design.

If you're worried that bringing in a big cabinet is going to make things a tad cramped, consider a wall-mounted cabinet. Wall-mounted cabinets expand the area of visible floor space. Instead of blocking off the floor underneath, they keep things open and airy, tricking the eye into thinking there's more available floor area.

Large wall-mounted cabinets aren't easy to find, but they're a bang-on choice for industrial design. What's more, you're in luck, because we happen to have a tall wall-mounted cabinet in our collection.

A wall-mounted cabinet like this can be perfect for a small industrial sitting room, bathroom, kitchen, or even a small hallway or boot room.

Prioritise Quality Craftsmanship

If you want to nail the industrial look on the head, we'd also suggest that you prioritise quality craftsmanship and construction when shopping for furniture.

As we said earlier, there's nothing tackier than cheaply made faux industrial furniture that's made out of imitation materials.

Poorly made industrial items won't stand up to close scrutiny. They can make your whole room look phoney instead of classy, and throw-away instead of timeless.

Speaking of throw-away, study results indicate that here in Britain, we throw aware about 2.2 billion pounds worth of homeware every year.

If you invest in a high-quality, well-crafted cabinet, that's made from real materials, it can last for years. It also won't look outdated in a few months, because it will be an original piece.

In short, if you don't want your new cabinet to end up on the rubbish dump in a few years, skip the mass-produced fast furniture options and look for a piece that's built to last.

Tips for Styling an Industrial Cabinet

Are you trying to envision how your new cabinet will look once you've decorated it?

Before we leave you, here are a few tips for styling and decorating industrial cabinets.

Keep It Simple

The first rule when it comes to styling any piece of industrial furniture is to keep it simple.

Industrial design is the antithesis of cluttered, fussy decorating, and pointless bric-a-brac is its kryptonite.

So resist the urge to plunk a lot of baubles and knick-knacks in (or on) your new cabinet. Instead, focus on a few key pieces that will draw the eye, such as books, taller items like a vase or jug, or sculptural art that's in keeping with your industrial design theme.

According to reports, 73% of UK homeowners admit they've filled more than half their house with clutter.

If you're struggling to keep clutter from crowding onto your cabinet, you can also style it with some organisation solutions that can shepherd those miscellaneous objects together, such as car keys, coins, and the post.

And remember, Amazon doesn't have the monopoly on organisation. You don't have to resort to acrylic to cut down on clutter. Bowls, trays, and small wood crates can work just as well, and look good while doing so.

Pretty Things up With a Pot Plant

Potted plants don't just have proven health benefits. They can also work a treat for freshening up industrial pieces.

For instance, a delicate string of hearts plant in a unique container could look perfect trailing down the side of a metal cabinet.

Or, you can add a burst of life with a potted palm next to a tall wooden cabinet.

Make Your Styling Functional

Another good tip when decorating for an industrial theme is to keep your styling functional. This is an easy way to achieve that utilitarian, function-before-form feeling.

Are You Looking for an Authentic Industrial Cabinet? Vincent and Barn Is the Place to Look

Before you invest in a new cabinet, decide what size you want, what colour and material, and what you want to store in it. Do you want everything on display, or do you need some nice solid doors that put a decided divide between you and those unsightly household must-haves?

Either way, make sure you invest in something made from genuine materials and avoid cheaply made items that are marketed as "industrial".

If you are on the hunt for a high-quality industrial cabinet, you are in the perfect place.

Here at Vincent and Barn, we specialise in artisan-crafted industrial and rustic-style furniture. All of our pieces are hand-hewn, one of a kind, and made from authentic materials, including reclaimed lumber.

Shop our range of industrial cabinets to find a piece that's full of character and class and will last for years to come.

December 14, 2022 — Vincent and Barn