Watch out "rustic farmhouse", industrial is taking over and it's all the rage.

This design mixes the worn-out vibes of old factories with simplicity and elegance. It's the perfect blend of nature and city, of masculine and feminine, wood and metal.

Do you have a room that needs decorating? Looking for design elements that will keep your space ahead of the curve? Look no further.

The best part is, industrial isn't a hard style to create. All you need are a few affordable elements and a few good investments. Keep reading for the 8 industrial decor ideas you need to transform your space.

1. Exposed Walls

Before you go looking for paint charts, check out your house's existing walls. There is nothing cooler than exposed brick or concrete.

If your house doesn't have these walls underneath the plaster, you can still get the look. Consider building a brick wall using brick slips or buying brick wall wallpaper. The same goes for concrete; there's always an affordable option, we have used a great concrete mural in our office.

Rebel Walls 

Image credit: Rebel Walls

Another wall trend of industrial chic is black or dark grey paint. Consider painting one of your walls with black chalkboard paint to give it a rustic feel. We have long been a fan of the dark and moody look here at Vincent and Barn, check out our pinterest page.

2. Repurposed Pipes

Steampunk lends itself well to industrial chic. In this design, you'll find hundreds of new ways of using plumbing pipes. From shelving brackets to bar stools.

Exposed copper pipe shower

Piping is easy to find online and we have even seen it at reclamation yards. Buy long lengths of pipe, it's cheaper, and cut down to the length you need. If you are buying reclaimed remember, a little rust adds to the authenticity of the pipes. In our bathroom rather than hiding the copper pipes we have kept them exposed.

3. Iron Everything

Black iron is the quintessential material of industrial. Everything from your staircase railing to your bedframe looks great in iron.

Industrial Staircase

But, don't stop at big furniture pieces. Design is all in the details. Look for iron hooks, side tables, and shelving units.

The combination of black iron and wood is dynamic and chic. Iron brings in the urban factory feel, whereas wood brings in nature and softness.

4. Grid and Wire

When it comes to the small accessories you can't go wrong with wire. Black wire grids look great in any accessory, but especially storage boxes and crates.

Anywhere you need to store smaller items, use a wire basket. Not only does it look super cool, but you can easily see what's inside each basket. If you want to add a different metal colour to the space, look for copper or rose-gold wire pieces.

You can also branch into wire memo boards, coat hook units, and mesh wall units. Even your waste bins and pencil holders can look cool in wire.

5. Natural and Stained Wood

As mentioned above, wood brings in the rustic element of nature. It's a feminine feature for a more masculine design.

There is so much choice, textured rough sawn, polished, reclaimed and driftwood. It can be stained dark, bleached, left natural or painted with a distressed finish.

Some will make the room feel warmer, others cooler. Decide the overall vibe you want the room to have and go from there.

6. Tons of Texture

You may notice that there are a lot of hard surfaces in industrial chic design. The concrete and metal cornerstones do create a hard ambiance.

To soften this up and make it more comfortable, add textural elements. These can be rugs, macrame plant hangers, cushions, wall hangings or throws. Consider using rope for handles, hessian/ikat seat cushions, and faux fur on the cushions.

Adding texture is crucial to making this space feel like a home, not just a factory. While you don't want to overdo it, some softness is integral to enjoying spending time there.

7. Interesting Light Fixtures

When you walk into an industrial home, one of the stand-out features are the lights. Simple lamps or white plastic hanging bulbs don't exist. You'll only find interesting, one of a kind pieces.

Industrial Steampunk Desk Lamp

You can find similar lighting fixtures at antique shops and reclamation yards. Commissioning a designer to make a unique piece for your home is a worthwhile investment. Some areas of design are fine to scrimp on, but lighting is not one of them. It's also great to support local business and artisan craft people.

One fixture you can find affordable in many shops is the industrial desk lamp. This trend has really taken off and it's no surprise why. They look great but also provide excellent task lighting.

8. All the Antiques

Whenever possible you can't beat the genuine article. Antique, vintage, reclaimed or recycled usually looks worn and dated which is perfect for the old-factory vibe.

Antique Markets

Look for antique giant face clocks, retro record players, vintage vases. Old oil paint portraits of or depicting the industrial era is well suited to this design and bang on trend. Haggle and negotiate the price when you can and check out second-hand stores too.

The best pieces aren't always at prestigious antique markets. They could be at your local charity shop.

Want More Industrial Decor Ideas?

Buying the right furniture, storage pieces, and accessories can make all the difference to the feel of a room and create the vide you want. 

To start curating your industrial chic room, check out our products and don't forget to review the customer reviews.


February 11, 2019 — Vincent and Barn