If you want a timeless bathroom design with impact, then you can't beat a monochrome and industrial bathroom. It looks simultaneously modern and vintage, keeping in with all periods of property, from victorian to deco, mid-century to modern loft. Here are a few ideas that can help you achieve the look.

Walls and floors

Start with the basics and crisp white painted ceilings and walls, keeping things light and airy, bouncing any natural light around the room. If you feel brave and want to create contrast and drama, then embrace the dark and paint walls, woodwork and any panelling in black.

When it comes to the wall tiles in an industrial bathroom, you can't go wrong with the metro tile or a simple brick tile. This classic style never dates and is on point with all the key elements; vintage style, industrial-inspired and when white tiles are with black grout, monochrome.

For flooring, mosaic tiles are a great option, especially for a wet room or large open shower, where the floor can flow through. We love the small hexagon tiles, again in white and with black or dark grey grout. Use strips of black tiles to delineate the shower or sink areas and add interest. This design has a timeless look that suits different ages of house and with distinctive eras in their design.

Sanitary ware

Original, reclaimed or reproduction white sanitary ware complements both monochrome and industrial themes in a bathroom. Think of using Victorian pedestal basins and toilets with high mounted cisterns, accessorised with pull chains and black toilet seats. This style of bathroom suits a freestanding bath. Modern or vintage will work and look impressive with the bottom part painted black. Place an industrial metal or rustic wood stool next to the bathtub for drinks and other essentials while you bathe.


To keep with the monochrome look, you can choose sleek, modern, black brassware that includes taps, shower heads and the dream Crittal-style shower screen. Brassware is also an opportunity to add warm metallic highlights and vintage touches using brass taps and hardware instead. There are lots of reclaimed vintage taps to be found on the market.

A towel rail made from exposed copper pipes makes a statement with a bold industrial look that we love but you might prefer to have a smart black one to tie in with the other bathroom fixtures.


When it comes to storage, a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is essential. Freeing up the floor space, with just enough room for essentials, we love a black framed industrial cabinet with a fluted glass door and sides. Hang it above the sink or make use of an awkward corner and hang an industrial mirror with a shelf for bottles over the sink instead.

Hooks are also invaluable as flexible storage in the bathroom used to hang towels, clothes and baskets of toiletries. Solid cast metal hooks nail the industrial look and are easy to find in black. 

If you have the space, a large piece of freestanding furniture can provide different storage solutions. A vintage-style apothecary unit's many drawers can be labelled and store endless lotions, potions and makeup. If you like to display your fancy perfume bottles then a tall glass cabinet could be the answer.


Getting the lighting right in the bathroom is just as important as any other room in the home. It needs to create an ambience and be practical. 

Find lighting that is both safe to use in the bathroom and keeps with the look. Use industrial bulkhead wall lights for task lighting and deco opaline pendant lights as they produce a flattering light that is ideal in the bathroom. Don't forget the aromatherapy candles too.


It's the finishing touches that matter the most, as it's here that you can make a bathroom more industrial or stick to a more modern monochrome design.

Towels can be patterned or one solid colour, classic white or a geometric black and white print. These and the window dressing will add a softness to the bathroom.

An ornate, cast iron, vintage toilet roll holder or a reclaimed enamel sign can bring character and humour to an otherwise sterile design.


Finally, don't forget to add a few plants as a finishing touch. Every room benefits from a hit of green and living plants are great for air quality. Lots thrive in humid conditions and a steamy jungle atmosphere is always welcome when showering. Try a Boston fern in a metal planter or attach some air plants to wire and hang them in the shower.

July 07, 2022 — Vincent and Barn