Business As Usual........sort of.

The way we see it is we should follow and respect the decisions and guidance of the government when they are made and if that should mean we have to stop taking orders because of our business type or because our supply chain and partners are ordered to lockdown then so be it.

However until that decision is made we will continue to take orders as there are real people with families that rely on an income in our supply chain such as wholesalers, couriers, drivers, packaging producers etc. 

But we have made changes and will continue to refine them as required or advised;

The first thing to let you know is Kirsty, Quincy and I are feeling fit and healthy and practicing a very strict social distancing regime (not from each other!) as well as cleaning down our work areas in our office and warehouse and paying particular attention to those touch points twice a day and after any delivery or collection. We are strictly distancing ourselves from any delivery drivers visiting us to collect or deliver maintaining at least 2m between us or when this is not possible masks are used (the 1m+ rule). All meetings/visitors are cancelled and only Kirsty and I are occupying the office and warehouse.

Our products

Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). From experience with other coronaviruses, they know that these types of virus don't survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. 

In most cases we do not come into direct contact with the actual product, many of our products are dispatched in their original packaging and have been inside that packaging for several weeks and based on the studies being released on the time the Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces we believe contamination is extremely low risk.

Where we do have to handle and check products (generally anything with glass/mirror as we check it is all in one piece before dispatch) we are wiping them down with an antibacterial solution before placing them back in the packaging so if they smell a little different don't worry. If you consider they are then likely to be inside the packaging for minimum of 24 hours this also extremely low risk.

Regardless of how low the risk is we would suggest you still take your own precautions, better safe than sorry.

1. On receipt unpack the item and remove all packaging from your home.

2. Wash you hands!

3. Wipe your product down with an antibacterial solution or disinfectant

4. Wipe down any areas the packaging or product could have come in contact with.

5. Wash your hands!


Our smaller items (3-4 working days) are usually dispatched with Parcelforce or MyHermes. Until the situation stabilises we are only going to use Parcelforce to reduce the amount of collections from our warehouse unless we receive a higher level of orders for our smallest items and we will then use MyHermes.

This is the statement and guidance we have received from Parcelforce;

In order to protect both our people and customers as much as possible, we will not be handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture electronic signatures.  Our drivers will instead log the first and last name of the person accepting the item, then put 'XP1' in the signature field, and we will record the geolocation of the delivery.  This will apply to all deliveries that normally require a signature. 

If recipients are unable to come to the door or are self-isolating, we will post a customer contact card in the normal way, advising of other ways the recipient can arrange to get their item. For example, by getting a friend or family member (who is not resident with someone who is self-isolating) to collect the parcel from their local Parcelforce depot or Post Office branch, as specified on the card.

Our larger furniture items (10-14 working days) are delivered by our specialist furniture delivery company. They are also adopting very high levels of hygiene at their warehouse, on vehicles and with their operatives. They are following all PHE advice.

When they make contact with you to arrange a delivery date and time slot please discuss any measures you have in place such as self isolating. During periods where households are not allowed to mix our drivers are only able to place your order just over your threshold and you will be required to stand at least 2m back from the driver at all times. If you prefer them to leave the order outside your home that's ok, equally if the driver feels there is any risk to you or themselves they will also only delivery outside. They will not require you to sign for the delivery to further reduce any contact, they will simply ask for you name and enter it into their hand held device themselves.

Even if you don't want to answer the door to the driver thats OK and don't worry. You can communicate with them through a window or just give them a thumbs up once you have seen they have left your item.

Please don't worry, we are in this together and we know these are unprecedented times that require us working together differently.

If you need any further information, are concerned or would like to discuss your specific circumstances please drop us an email (it's also really nice to hear from you).

As a small independent business it's really tough right now but we know some individuals and companies have it a lot worse, after all furniture and home accessories are hardly necessities! We totally get that, so every order we receive is hugely humbling and we are very grateful more so now than ever.

Stay healthy, follow social distancing and consider others.

Stuart, Kirsty and Quincy xxx